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Malaysia’s Response to COVID-19: The Full Official Account

The Ministry of Health Malaysia, via the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Malaysia has released an official account on how the country coped with the COVID-19 pandemic during key months of January up to April 2020. It takes the reader through a detailed chronology of what happened behind the scenes and the actions the Government of Malaysia had to undertake to curb the spread of the virus as events slowly unfolded in the country and the world.

This account hopes to be able to shed light into the learnings that can be gleaned from Malaysia’s own experience in its ongoing battle to contain COVID19. Currently, Malaysia remains amongst the top countries in the world in COVID19 recovery.

However, the Government of Malaysia is not taking its success for granted and recognises that the fight is far from over. The authorities are actively monitoring the situation and progressively deciding on whether further actions may need to be taken to maintain the successful containment of COVID19.

The full 164-page report is viewable at the following link.

Credit: Institute for Health Systems Research, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Malaysia