GCI Updates

The GCI Recovery Index Methodology Update – 4 January 2021

We have been actively monitoring the consolidated Recovery Case Data that has been graciously updated by the Johns Hopkins University as part of Open Data.

We have noted that in the past 2-3 months that some countries have stopped reporting COVID-19 recoveries after detecting individuals as being COVID-19 positive.

In order to handle this, we have extended our Derivative Recovery Calculations, and by extension the Active Case Formulas to cover the following additional countries.

  • Existing: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Serbia, Sweden, Spain (excluding hospitalisation)
  • As of 1 Jan 2021: United States, Belgium, Ireland
  • As of 4 Jan 2021: France, Cyprus, Norway, Spain (including hospitalisation)

We will continue to monitor the respective countries’ progress and provide further updates should there be new changes to the derivative formulas. These changes ultimately are aimed at ensuring their respective Governments’ efforts are better represented as part of our GCI efforts.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy new year in 2021!