GCI Updates

The GCI Recovery Index Methodology Update – 6 August 2020

We would like to update that we have observed some significant changes with the Test Data for various countries coming from our preferred data sources. These changes directly impacted the GCI Calculations for Denmark, Netherlands, France and United Kingdom.

To ensure that the integrity of our data remains intact, we have decided to retroactively re-run the GCI calculations from 23 July up to the most recent date.

Given these impending changes, we also took this opportunity to update the methodology as follows:

1) Applying the new derivative formulas for Netherlands and United Kingdom from 23 July instead of only starting from 27 July. For more details on the latter, please refer to GCI Update on 29th July for the technical update.

2) The inclusion of Test Data for the following 3 additional countries as part of the GCI Recovery Index calculations:

  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Oman
  • Sweden

All the above calculation methods have now been applied effective from 23 July onwards. All data and calculations prior to 23 July remain unchanged.